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Azerbaijan-Armenia conflict continues, despite ceasefire

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Both Azerbaijan and Armenia have accused each other of violating the “humanitarian ceasefire”, which came into effect on midnight Sunday. Both Russia and France state they have attempted to mediate an end to the latest clashes.

The Spokeswoman for Armenia’s Ministry of Defense, Shushan Stepanyan, posted on Facebook that violations were carried out in the north from 00:04 to 02:45, and in the south from 02:20, to 02:45. 

She also posted that at 07:20, the Azerbaijani Air Force “grossly violated the new humanitarian ceasefire”, stating that there were casualties and wounded on both sides.

Azerbaijan has waged their own accusations, stating that Armenia violated the ceasefire agreement as well, utilizing artillery and mortar fire, and that they hadn’t observed the agreed upon ceasefire.

The agreed upon “humanitarian ceasefire” was meant to allow both sides to exchange prisoners and bodies recovered from the clashes, not clear if the two aforementioned actions have been carried out yet.

The ceasefire was agreed upon after a deadly missile strike hit the city of Ganja in Azerbaijan, killing 12 and injuring 40 according to Voice of America. Azerbaijan’s Ministry of Defense states units belonging to the Armenian Armed Forces had fired Scud missiles towards Ganja, at approximately 01:00 local time. Journalists in Ganja had reported hearing at least three large explosions throughout the city. The missiles hit large, densely populated areas of Ganja, destroying several homes, and businesses. 

The first missile struck less than 2 kilometers away from City Hall, the second striking Kapaz District. No military bases or important locations near the places struck with missiles, according to Vasily Polonsky with Dozhd. 

20 homes were destroyed in the missile attack according to local authorities.

Featured image credit: Voice of America News.

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